My story

I was born the son of a carpenter, by age twelve I was being introduced to the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic interpretations of the scriptures. With this in mind I started to branch out and learn new perspectives. The way of the Tao really peaked my interest and then I started taking psychedelics in a controlled setting which allowed me to explore the vastness of my own mind. Practically getting lost, I was looking for direction everywhere I could. I had a feeling I was being called to do something bigger than my own ambitions, but I didn’t get the full message so I didn’t move forward with it. After a motocross injury I had to get surgery. I broke my back and both wrists. My surgical scars on my wrists and side, along with my long hair and blue eyes..Allowed me to see and touch Jesus as I looked in the mirror. I could parallel my life to that of the “Jesus story”. This allowed me to understand the calling completely. It gave me the feeling like I had been playing the character of doubting Thomas for the last few years and now I can finally touch the scars. I no longer have a necessity for faith, faith is not required when gnosis is acquired. Comprehensive awareness is more valuable than a belief system and I didn’t have either until then. I felt like “the one”. A year later I revisited the week long experience that I went through during my injury and found a striking resemblance to a kundalini awakening. The heightened sense of smell, sensitivity to light and emotions of those around me. I could feel the energy in the room, the intentions of the people near me. I was seeing and feeling, sensing things I’ve never been able to sense before. Then it hit me. This is what happened to Yeshua of Nazareth . This is why they pedastalized him as “the one”. So nobody else could understand his message, “I and the Father are one, those that have seen me have seen the Father who has sent me.” Now, all of this made sense to me. You are Jesus. I am Jesus. We are all Jesus. We are all one with the Father. We’re all made in His image. We’re all capable of remembering who we are, and recognizing our purpose here. You hold the key to unlocking your mind. Knock, and you shall enter. Ask, and you shall receive. The fact is Yeshua’s message has been twisted, perverted and ultimately turned into a guilt trip. REPENT… right… Is that all? No. Guilt is not a virtue. Your own understanding of the universe is what really matters. Your relationship with your creator is the only thing that adds meaning to your life. We’re all children of God, to put it bluntly. We are all capable of seeing the kingdom at hand. Those with ears to hear, hear this. Those with eyes to see, see this. Turn within, recognize your connection to the higher realms of consciousness. The kingdom of God is within all men, all women, and all children. You don’t need an external savior, you must only turn inward and recognize your true purpose here. Down here in the material realm, we appear to be far away from the divine. But it is only through the divine ethereal that the material exists at all. Everything is connected. The duality of our reality is directly connected to the polarity of actuality. Remember who you are. You are here for a reason. You’re not an accident. Your life has value.

Where do we go from here?

So, it’s flat. But what now? Where do we go, what do we do? We have everywhere to go, and everything to do. The only real question, is when? When do we explore and take humanity along for a journey to a new home? When do we say, this is the spot, this is our new home? When we find a new sun? After we find intelligent humanoids? There’s alot to consider. We have a few choices to make. Explore first, colonize second. Or, form an exodus and figure it all together in real time. Every man for himself, or an organized system of deligations? It appears the current form of government is failing, so as far as we don’t replicate what we have now I think we shouldn’t have an issue. The fact is we need to build a new society on the pillars of love, harmony and peace. Love is for the future, harmony is now, and peace is for the past. We need these three to be absolutely understood by the populous. When do we leave? As soon as enough people recognize that they’re tired of being in debt, an invisible chain, on ball, which is practically a cage without walls. We’ve got to say, I’ve had enough of this. There’s a better way to live, there’s so much more to life than this.

Flat Earth 101

It’s a topic that most don’t touch with a ten foot pole. Why? Because of the ridicule that comes from going against the status quo. The way things have been for the last 500 years needs to change. The first step solving a problem is realizing that there is one. My goal in this blog is to expose this pseudoscientific plague so we can all see how vast this problem really is. We need to understand the scope of this heliocentric lie. This dogmatic doctrine needs be put on display for the world to see. Don’t believe what you read, comprehend it. I’m not asking for your belief, only that you think.